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  • About Us

    Across Pacific Shipping Co., Ltd is a total solution logistics provider, recognized as one of the most reliable Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearance Company in China.

    Since it's conception in Shenzhen in 2001, it has now formed 12 branch offices and handling agent throughout China, as well as worldwide agency network.

    Based on rich experience in international market and international logistics field, AP Shipping now offer a First Class Service in Forwarding Merchandise and in an Integral Customs Clearance.

    Our services extend from Far East to North/South America, Europe, Oceania, Mediterranean area and more than 80 areas and countries.


    • 1, Transportation AIR, SEA, TRUCKS.
    • 2, Customs Clearance Service from landing or departure place and at final destination as well.
    • 3, Pickup (Truck) Domestic and International mode (Any Transportation).
    • 4, Storages and maneuvers services.
    • 5, Door to Door Service.
    • 6, Dry Merchandise Managing, Textile, Dangerous, Refrigerated, etc.
    • 7, Insurance ( Door to Door - All included)
    • 8, Hand carrier
    • 9, Import Licenses and Sector Area Department.
    • 10, Administration and procedure issues related to Domestic Customs Clearance:

    These integral services may be controlled in any mode attached to your Company Policies in international commerce or in any negotiable terms directed by the ICC. Let us be your TRAFFIC Department, where with just one phone call, we will provide you a professional Service in order to get you informed promptly and at any time you request for it.